Me da igual

*it’s all the same 

After all this time, I’m finally not thinking about him every waking moment. In fact, I forget to think of him at all. My feelings have faded and I remember the shitty more than the auto sugar-sprinkled rose-tinted handful of decent moments. I am no longer in love and it feels great! Now, I make like Rhett Buttler and drop my mic as I exit this bitch.  
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I’d rather be broken 

No pain lasts one hundred years. I’d rather feel like this, knowing it has to hurt and I am healing and moving forward. I’ve lived through worst heartache, but it has subsided and it will die. I will be okay someday soon because I’m bleeding out what has to be. It’s best to cut out a diseased limb than walk around gangrened.   
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Save me

I’ve shared some very difficult tales in this blog under the guidance of a dear friend. I feel I have hit a natural pause button because for the time being, I’ve said it all. I was never in the business of denigrating my ex, but to provide a beacon to people who may need someone to stand with them. I’ve never felt more alone than when I was with him. A very lonely and long three years of battle. This post is about what I know about me now. 
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